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DVD Software includes software that performs a variety of functions including copying, converting, editing and burning DVDs. Some programs are designed to rip or copy DVDs to your hard drive for editing or burning. Conversion software can help you convert one video format to another such as AVI to DVD software. DVD conversion software can also convert traditional DVD formats to a video format that is compatible with portables like an iPod or PSP. Video editing software is complex, the best programs perform numerous functions from ripping DVDs to editing video to DVD authoring and encryption. DVD burning software can help you take a final product, such as edited video, converted video or copied video and burn it to a DVD.


In-depth, side-by-side comparisions and reviews of the top DVD Copy Software products on the market.

DVD copy software is just that, software used to copy DVDs from one source to another, usually from DVD to DVD. However, DVD copy software can also be used to copy movies, software or games to a computer hard drive or from a computer hard drive to a disk, some even allow you to copy VHS movies to DVD. The most frequent uses of DVD copy software is to make DVD backup copies of movies you own, or to burn DVDs for special events like birthday parties, weddings or children’s sports events.

Originally DVD copy software was marketed as a backup method to protect DVDs. Unlike VHS cassette tapes, DVDs are a fragile medium and frequently scratched or destroyed by children, pets or simple carelessness. To keep their media library intact, parents began making backups of originals and giving the copy to their children; therefore, if the disk was ruined it was easily replaced with another copy.

In recent years, movie studios have made it exceptionally difficult for people to burn or rip copyrighted films using DVD copy software. Often the original DVD will include a CSS encryption code which scrambles the information on the disk making it very difficult to burn a movie. It is illegal for DVD copy software, manufactured in the United States, to include DVD decryption codes that enable someone to copy protected DVDs. 

DVD Duplication Software
DVD duplication software makes it possible for home users to make exact replicas of home movies as well as movies produced by Hollywood studios. The software is designed to override any DVD encryption code and pull the information from the DVD. The data is temporarily stored on the computer hard drive until it is burned to a blank disk. Keep in mind you need a DVD burner to perform this process.

The advantage of using DVD duplication software is you are able to copy home movies and create backups of all your movies—all from your home computer. You’ll save time and money and never step foot in a professional production studio.

In recent years, there has been much controversy over DVD duplication and even the software that enables it. Studios claim people abuse the software and use it to break copyright laws. Yet users want the right to make backup copies of DVDs they own.

DVD Backup Software
If you have ever lost or had a DVD broken, you know the importance of having a backup copy. You can legally make a copy if you own the original DVD and then use the copy to watch if the DVD does not include an encryption. The original stays safe and in mint condition.

DVD backup software is an affordable way to make backups of your favorite DVD movies with your home computer. Keep in mind you also need a DVD burner to use DVD backup software.

DVD backup software performs a simple task. It pulls the data from a DVD and overrides any encryption. It then burns an exact copy of the movie to blank disk. You don’t lose any of the picture quality.

You can purchase the best DVD backup software for a reasonable price. It will save you time, money and the frustration of losing rare DVDs.

DVD Ripping Software
Also known as DVD copy software or DVD backup software, DVD Ripping Software performs a simple task. It overrides DVD encryption and pulls the data from the DVD. The data remains in its original form and doesn’t lose any quality.

Once data is ripped from a DVD, you can then change the format of the data or simply copy the data to a blank disk.

The practical and legal use of DVD ripping software is to backup DVDs that you own and to copy home videos to share with family and friends. The advantage of backing up your DVDs is you can use and loan the backup copy and keep the original in good condition.

HD DVD is a High Definition DVD designed to store large amounts of data and eventually replace the DVD. HD DVDs are not compatible with standard DVD players, they will only play on an HD DVD player, most sell between $500- $800. However, all HD DVD players are backwards compatible and will play standard DVDs.

There is a current war between HD DVD and Sony Blu-ray. Both use high definition technology, but they are not cross compatible. Many electronic companies are attempting to build dual system players designed to facilitate both formats.

Currently HD DVD uses different encryption methods than standard DVDs, which make it more difficult to burn or copy HD DVDs. However, it has been done by some hackers. Most popular DVD copy software is incapable of copying or burning HD DVDs.


In 1996, movie studios began enacting their copyrights and encrypting DVDs with security codes to prevent piracy. By 1999 the CSS encryption (Content Scramble System) algorithm had been compromised. After the code was cracked movie studios began to enforce legal action against United States software companies that enabled users to bypass the encryption.  Since many DVD software manufactures have gone out of business or taken their operations out of the U.S.

DVD Decryption Software
DVD decryption software bypasses the security codes and encryptions placed on commercial DVDs. These encryptions were enabled to prevent piracy and bootlegging. Wrestling with DVD copyright laws is a tricky and sensitive subject. Although it is legal to make copies of DVDs you already own, it is against copyright laws to bypass the CSS (Content Scramble System) encryption code on the DVD. Additionally, it is illegal for companies in the United States to manufacture DVD copy software equipped with DVD decryption capabilities.

DVD Decoder Software
Most computers sold today have a DVD decoder installed on the hard drive. A DVD decoder allows DVDs to be watched from a computer. If an older or refurbished computer does not have a DVD decoder installed, DVD decoder software is necessary and it’s easier than upgrading the hard drive.

DVD decoding software breaks the CSS encryption present on all commercially sold DVDs and decodes the video file for high-quality playback on a computer. Because the CSS encryption is broken, software manufacturers are required to pay high licensing fees, so DVD decoder freeware (free software) is unavailable.

The movie industry applies CSS encryption DVDs to prevent the black market from selling illegal DVD copies.

DVD Encryption Software
DVD Encryption Software is used to protect DVDs from being copied or ripped. Generally, this type of technology is used by those who desire to protect copyrighted material and is not usually employed by home users. Besides entertainment DVDs, some companies use DVD encryption technology to protect proprietary information or to limit distribution of licensed software.

The best DVD Encryption software can protect DVDs from common DeCSS rippers and can protect both PC and entertainment type DVDs that are shipped world-wide and play on all types of players.


In-depth, side-by-side comparisions and reviews of the top DVD Player Software products on the market.

DVD player software allows users to watch DVDs on their PC. DVD player software also includes many advanced features that simple players may not provide like full surround sound ability, high definition video support, notebook battery saving features and a choice of skins.

The best DVD player software can play numerous popular video formats such as MPEG-4, WMV-HD, DVD+VR, DivX , PAL, NTSC, VCD and SVCD. Many can also play video designed for other players such as Real Media, Quick Time and Windows Media players. As mentioned, DVD player software supports surround sound configurations such as DTS and Dolby as well as the capacity to play MP3s.

This type of DVD software is useful since it offers more features than basic players and is a good DVD playing alternative for those who do not have Media Center XP.


DVD converter software converts a DVD file format to another electronic format like MP4, VCD, SVCD, AVI, WMV, DivV, MOV, rm or 3GP. Often you will need a different type of conversion software for each format depending on the type of file your requested player plays. The most popular DVD converter software is DVD to iPod; however, the best DVD conversion software will convert multiple formats.

DVD to AVI Software

Convert your movies to AVI for FREE! Get Free DVD-to-AVI converter software with every purchase of DVD Cloner 5.

AVI is an acronym for Audio Video Interleave. This multimedia container was first developed by Microsoft and allows synchronous audio with video playback. DVD to AVI software simply converts the data on a DVD to AVI format.

There are some advantages to using DVD to AVI software to convert your movies to AVI. The AVI format retains the DVD quality of the data but condenses it to about 750 MB. This is especially important for storing movies or viewing them on a portable device. 

Copyright laws continue to evolve as technology changes. Today it is legal to copy a professionally produced DVD to a portable or back it up in AVI format as long as you own the original DVD. It is illegal to a copy someone else’s DVD to your portable player. You can use DVD to AVI software to copy personal home movies. 

DVD to iPod Software

In-depth, side-by-side comparisions and reviews of the top DVD Player Software products on the market.

Converting DVDs to an iPod compatible format is a popular way for people to take their DVD collection on the road with them. Most iPods are equipped with a considerable amount of hard drive space designed to hold large files. iPods can only play MP4 or MPEG 4 video formats. Most music is already available in MP4; however, to copy a DVD to your iPod you need specific software designed to convert a DVD format to an iPod or MP4 format.

DVD to iPod software is a relatively inexpensive piece of software that compresses all the information on a DVD to an iPod compatible format. Sometimes this software can convert a DVD to PSP. Ripping DVDs to your iPod for personal use is completely legal, as long as it is for personal use and you own the original copy. However, many DVDs are encrypted with a code placed on the DVD by the movie studio to prevent this and all types of DVD copying.

Games on the run aren’t the only benefits of a Playstation Portable (PSP). Watch movies anywhere, anytime on a PSP. Converting a DVD movie to PSP is easy with a computer and DVD to PSP conversion software.

Upload a DVD to a computer and the conversion software converts the DVD file to a MPEG-4 video file, then the converted file downloads to the PSP Memory Stick Duo. Movies and television programming can also be purchased on Universal Media Disk (UMD)—a miniature disk, which inserts into PSPs like a memory stick.

DVD to WMV Software
DVD to WMV conversion software converts DVD movies and television programming to a WMV format for easy downloads to a pocket PC or Zune mobile device. Upload DVDs to a computer and the software will convert them to the .wmv file format. Then download the file to a pocket PC or Zune for an entertaining ride to work, lunch break or vacation.

Free DVD to WMV software is available on various websites, but harmful spyware and malware can infect free downloads and cause permanent harm to a computer’s hard drive, so use extreme caution when downloading freeware (free software).

MPEG to DVD Software

Convert MPEG files to DVD with PowerDirector Video Editing Software.

MPEG to DVD software can burn your MPEG files such as MPEG-4 or MP4s to a DVD. The best MPEG to DVD software is compatible with all MPEG file types including MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 or MP4 video formats and can burn to common disk types like DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-5 and DVD-9s.

Most MPEG to DVD software allows you to choose what type of format you want to burn to disk, such as NTSC or PAL format to play on standard DVD players. Advanced MPEG to DVD burners will also let you select the screen orientation (4:3 or 16:9), choose menus, edit menus and perform simple edits such as trimming video segments. Some also have DVD authoring tools, letter box options and the ability to convert other file types, like DivX and avi.

The type of format conversion and DVD burning software can help you make your favorite video segments portable and sharable; since it can burn DVDs that can play on standard DVD players and portable DVD players.

PowerPoint to DVD Software
PowerPoint to DVD software can help you archive or share PowerPoint presentations by burning the presentation to a standard DVD. Many PowerPoint to DVD programs can create file types that are compatible with computers that do not have PowerPoint installed or they can play on standard DVD players, so proposals, instruction or sales material can be shared with anyone.

The best PowerPoint to DVD software can retain all original properties of the presentation such as audio and video clips, animations, links, slides and more. This type of conversion software also usually includes advanced features like the ability to select screen ratio, add menus, define screen resolution, add voice narration and supports batch processing.

DVD to 3GP
Similar to MPEG 4, 3GP is a file format used on mobile phones. To rip a DVD to a cell phone you need a DVD to 3GP converter. This is a piece of software that can compress and change the file format of the DVD.

The best 3GP converters can also support conversion of several file formats including AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG, RM, Mp4, QT, Mov, RMVB, VCD and SVCD. 

MOV to DVD Software
MOV is the file extension used by Apple’s Quick Time video player. MOV to DVD converter software has the ability to convert, copy and burn a MOV file to a DVD. This software is commonly used when coping streaming video off the Internet. There is MOV to DVD conversion software available in both Mac and Windows applications. 

The best MOV to DVD software can also convert additional formats like AVI, Divx, Xvid, AVI, MPG,MOV, WMV.

RM to DVD Software
RM to DVD software can convert RealMedia (RM) multimedia files to a format that can be burned to a DVD. RealMedia multimedia container format is a RealNetworks technology that can be identified by the .rm file extension. RM files are commonly used for streaming content over the Internet and are compatible with RealPlayer. RM to DVD software can help you record your favorite .rm files and burn them to disk for storing and sharing.


In-depth, side-by-side comparisions and reviews of the top DVD Copy Software products on the market.

In-depth, side-by-side comparisions and reviews of the top CD/DVD Burning Software products on the market.

DVD burning software helps you take multimedia files such as home movies, slide shows, data files, video files and other video entertainment and burn them to a blank DVD. The best DVD burning software can work with a variety of file formats including avi, mpeg (s), wmv and mov. In addition, capable CD/DVD burning programs can burn to popular disk types such as DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R DL, DVD+/-R and CDs.

Most DVD burning software can burn disks that can be played on traditional DVD players and are an excellent tool for backing up your media and data files. Some DVD burning software can also rip video from a DVD and place it in a file on your hard drive so you can store, edit or burn the files to another disk.

There are many practical uses for DVD burning software. The most common use of burning software is for backing up data and media. For example, you can use DVDs as an external storage device for archiving your photo, video, music and data files. Some DVD burning software is capable of creating a backup copy of your favorite entertainment DVDs. DVD burning software is also excellent for burning copies of family home movies, slide shows and photo albums.

DVD to DVD-DL Software
DVD to DVD-DL software simply pulls the data from a DVD and burns it to a DVD-DL. DL stands for Double Layer. These disks, also known as DVD+R9, use two recordable dye layers and can store twice the amount of information.

The advantage to copying a DVD to a DVD-DL is the amount of data you can fit on one disk. You may be able to fit two movies on a DL disk whereas it originally took two DVD disks. Most commercially available DVD movies today are produced on dual layer discs so if you needed to create a backup, you could do so without sacrificing quality. Simply stated, you get more storage in the same amount of space.

Copyright laws prohibit people from copying DVDs that they do not own. However, you are permitted to make a backup copy of a DVD that you own. Additionally, many people use DVD to DVD-DL software to make copies of home movies to share with family and friends.
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DVD to DVD +/- RW Software
DVD to DVD +/- RW Software will pull the data from a DVD and write the data to a DVD +/- RW disk. A DVD +/- RW disk is a re-writable disk that is a hybrid of the +R and –R format. RW DVDs are more expensive and generally used when the user wants to reuse the disk multiple times.
See CD/DVD Burning Software Review 2008

DVD9 to DVD5 Software
DVD9 to DVD5 software simply pulls a movie from a commercial DVD9 disc and compresses it to burn to a DVD5 R+/- disc. DVD9 is a dual layer disk that holds approximately 8.5 GB. DVD5 is a single sided, single layer disk that holds approximately 4.7 GB.
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Videos to DVD Software
In-depth, side-by-side comparisions and reviews of the top Video Editing Software products on the market.

To preserve the memories that are quickly aging—on VHS or other analog tapes—video to DVD software is the best bet. Transferring videos to a DVD recorder will work, but the quality of the video will affect the quality of the DVD. Whereas, conversion software provides the tools to edit and improve the video quality before it is burned to a DVD.

Use the connection cables on the back of a VCR to connect to a computer and the video to DVD software will upload the videos to the computer. Through manual and automatic settings, the software improves the quality and converts the videos to a format that can be easily burned to a DVD.

DVD Audio Software
DVD Audio software can help you burn hours of music onto one DVD disc. Many also can burn to dual layer (DL) discs, so essentially 12 hours or so of CD music can be burned onto one DL disk. If MP3s are burned to the disk, a single disk can hold over 40 hours of music or more depending on the disk type.

The best DVD audio software can burn audio to common disk types such as CD-R/ RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM. Often DVD audio software can also be used to burn photo, video or data files to DVD.
See CD/DVD Burning Software Review 2008

DVD to Divx Software
DivX Media Format (DMF) (.divx file extension) is a file format that compresses large video files while maintaining the visual quality. It allows interactive video menus, multiple subtitles, multiple audio tracks, multiple video streams, chapter points and metadata. DivX is also partially backwards compatible with AVI.


In-depth, side-by-side comparisions and reviews of the top Video Editing Software products on the market.

DVD Video Editing Software
DVD video editing software is essentially video editing software with the capability to edit a DVD. To do this you will need two different types of software. First, you need some kind of DVD ripping program that allows you to copy the DVD to your hard drive; second, you will need a video editor.

Most people will use these types of software to interject scenes from movies into personal home videos. With video editing software you can add transitions, effects and titles.

DVD Authoring  Software
DVD authoring is the process of creating a DVD video that can be played in DVD player. DVD authoring software facilitates this process and allows the user to create DVDs of their original video content.

DVD authoring software is used by professional studios and by home users to create DVDs. The home market has grown largely due to the increase of home camcorder use and video editing software.

DVD Menu Template Software – DVD Menu Template Software is often integrated with DVD authoring software. This software allows the user to build a DVD’s “home screen” menu including the graphics, effects, scenes and buttons. All of this will be used by the viewer to navigate the DVD.

DVD Screen Capture Software

DVD screen capture software is used to capture or copy a frame or series of frames of video. Most screen capture software is designed for use on the Internet. Many companies use screen capture software to built tutorials and demonstrations. In the past you could capture a movie image by using the “print screen” button; however, this method no longer works. You can copy the image, but you can not save it. If you try to save the image and open it later, you will just receive a black, blank screen. Some screen capture software and most DVD player software will allow you to copy and save.

DVD Video Capture Software
DVD Video Capture Software can extract video from devices like VHS tapes, web-cams or TV cards and burn it to a disk. The best DVD video capture software can work with a variety of video file formats including AVI, WMV, ASF, DivX, Xvid, RM, VCD, SVCD, DVD and MPEG (all video types). This technology is used to record television, even if a second channel is playing at the same time, and to convert VHS tapes to disk.

DVD Photo Slideshow Software

In-depth, side-by-side comparisions and reviews of the top Video Editing Software products on the market.

DVD Photo Slideshow Software allows you to take your digital photos and place them on a DVD. This works like a DVD photo album. Not only does Photo Slideshow Software place images onto a DVD, but it allows you to add transitions, music, graphics, captions voiceovers and more. The best Photo Slideshow software allows you to convert your images to various formats like SVCD, VCD, MPEG and HTML.


In-depth, side-by-side comparisions and reviews of the top Movie and TV Filtering products on the market.

The term filtering software is typically applied to Internet Content Filtering; however, there has been a recent movement in parenting communities to try to clean up the language, sex and violence in movies.

DVD filtering software is not sold individually; it is usually used in conjunction with a DVD player with a filter or parental control program already enabled. The company supplies a list of compatible movie titles that contain questionable language or material, the player will recognize then exclude offensive material. Popular DVD players with filters include ClearPlay, MaxPlay and TV Guardian.

DVD Parental Control Software
Although DVD parental control software does not exist per say, there are DVD filtering appliances and other parental control software that fulfill this role. It is not legal to alter DVDs, but some companies offer filtering appliances that apply downloaded DVD filters while the movie plays. So essentially, a specific set of movie filtering instructions is pre-installed or downloaded from the Internet and loaded into the device and the filters are applied in real-time. Parental control software on the other hand is used to filter, monitor or control Internet usage.

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